Kelley Head

Kelley Head
The Wonderful Room 11 :)

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Cornwallis Beach Picnic February 2014

We had a wonderful day at Cornwallis on the 18th February. We had picnic lunches, played different sports, made sandcastles, splashed in the water and had lots of fun!



  1. Hi Room Eight - you have some wonderful photos from your trip to Cornwallis Beach.
    I'm looking forward to sharing your learning, so keep the posts coming.
    I've heard about your plans for when you host our next Whanau Time Assembly - it's going to be very cool.
    From Mr Maindonald

  2. Dear Mr Maindonald,
    Thank you for posting on our blog. We are very excited about tomorrow's assembly and are looking forward to seeing you there.
    From Miss Head, Marie and Room 8 :)