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Kelley Head
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Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Stadium Constructions in a Minecraft World

Room 8 had the opportunity to think about how our school might create a stadium in our our school sports  courts and field.  The goal was to build a Commonwealth Games-type stadium in a team.  The first step was to research images of a chosen sport and mark them up with arrows. The children then discussed with their groups then the class about what they noticed in the photos  (See slideshow below.)
Commonwealth Games stadium picture

Next the children were asked to work together with other team members to construct a stadium venue that contained the features they found in their photographs.  As well as the stadium there had to be some kind of connection to other structures - a road, railway, bridge or tunnel.

This project involved (among other key skills) measurement, design, incorporating the research data into the final construction.

The class discussed the success criteria throughout the day. This involved both the task and the way they were working as a group.

In the next ICT day, we will post their constructions.

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